Jan Rericha - CARDAMINE

Jan Rericha is an academic painter who specialises on Landscape and Figural paintings. Content and Symbolism are pivotal to his values as a painter.  He is capable of taking a two-dimensional painting by adding a third one: the dimension of time.

Jan Rericha has an uncanny sense to get to the heart of the matter. His paintings speak to the onlooker, have realistic and true-to-life depth, colour and light.

Paintings by Jan Řeřicha form a part of private collections in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Japan, Spain, Singapore, the USA, Israel, the Slovak Republic, and the Czech Republic. Among those who own his paintings are directors Woody Allen and Juraj Herz, and tennis player Ivan Lendl.

In 1999 Cardamine’s paintings were bought for the White House in Washington, D.C. Also in 1999 his painting Prague Old Town Square was chosen by the Czech president Vaclav Havel as a present for the U.S. Ambassador Jennone R. Walker.  Jan Řeřicha’s core works include a collection of portraits of historical personalities (Tomáš Štítný from Štítný, Viktorin Cornel, František Palacký) held in 2004 in the depositary of the National Museum.

Since 1998 the painter signs his artwork by the artistic name CARDAMINE.

Photo painter Jan Rericha Cardamine
Painting Jan Rericha Cardamine - Atelier Slavetin 2018


*1960  Mladá Boleslav
1970-1976  LŠU in Mladá Boleslav, under the leadership of Acad. painter Stanislav Kovář
1976-1980  High school of Arts & Crafts, Prague, specialist subject - traditional wooden toys under the leadership of prof. J. Bartoš
1980-1986  Academy of Fine Arts Prague, paintings and landscapes (Prof. Fr. Jiroudek’s atelier)

EXHIBITIONS: (selection)

1982  Mladá Boleslav, OKD - About the woman
1989  Lednice Chatea in Moravia - Pictures
1999  Prague, Czech Parliament - Pictures
1999  Prague, Gallery Inspirace - Common moments I
2002  Turnov, Granát Gallery - from the artworks of Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová
2003  Irding, Graz, Villa Frossin - from the artworks of Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová
2004  Pilsen, U Andělíčka Gallery - Common moments II
2005  Vienna, Well Come - Medical Centre, Vienna
2006  Poděbrady, Ludwig Kuba’s art gallery - Common moments III
2008  Mladá Boleslav, Museum Mladoboleslavska - Profile exhibition (pictures in reliefed frames)
2014  Humpolec, Museum of Dr. Aleš Hrdlička (pictures in relief frames)
2014  Pacov, Antonín Sova Museum, St. Wenceslas Chapel - Session - Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová, Grand retrospective 1980 - 2014
2017  Hradec Kralove, Barbora Gallery (AD), Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová
2018  Praha, OOA-S, Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová - Forty


1991  Burgewedel, Bremen, Tschechische Kunst der Gegdenwart
1995  Prague, Mánes - The first exhibition of Prague painters
1997  Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurter Kunstmesse - Pictures
2000  Savona, Italy, International Exhibition of paintings and sculptures by UNESCO - In camino per la pace
2013  Prague, Czech centrum - Messengers of Peace -Selection from Dr. Eli Fischer‘s collection, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2016  Pacov, St. Wenceslas Chapel, Exhibition of artists from the region
1990-2018  participation in periodic exhibitions of the Prague Painters Association


1999  Prague, Opera Hotel - Prague the Magical (wall painting - al fresco)
2002  Mladá Boleslav, MB Leasing, Find My Wings (monumental painting)


2002  Paintings and scenography for the Manon Lescaut theatre play for the City Theatre in Mladá Boleslav

MAJOR CITIES PROJECTS: (monumental paintings)

1999  Project London - private collection, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2000  Project Frankfurt am Main - private collection, Zurich, Switzerland
2002  Project Prague - private collection, Czech Republic
2017  Project Frankfurt am Main - private collection, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

MUSEUMS: (representation in collections)

2001  Náchod Regional Museum - set of paintings of key historic personalities (V. R. Havlovický, B. Němcová, A. Jirásek, Čapek brothers)
2002  Mladá Boleslav, Mladoboleslavska Museum - set of paintings of key historic personalities (F. X. Brixi, Father Vinařický, F. Šmilovský, A. Dvořák, J. Suk, P. I. Čajkovský, B. Smetana triptych)
2004  Prague, National Museum - set of paintings of key historic personalities (T. Štítný from Štítný, Viktorin Cornel from Všehrd, F. Palacký)
2016  Pacov, Antonín Sova Museum - pictures of the lands of Antonín Sova


From 2017 Frankfurt am Main - private collection (a collection of fourteen dimensional pictures)

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