Vera Rerichova

Věra’s artwork covers a wide range of styles from statues to paintings to handcrafted frames. She constantly seeks new means to express feelings, moods, and perceptions through her hands which can spontaneously take something plain and simple and form it into touchable artistic objects.

Her handcrafted and painted frames are themselves extraordinary works of art. They compliment and work with the painting, its continuation, and at the same time its definition.

Together they become one inseparable whole piece of artwork. It is a window through which the soul can be seen.


*1962  Brno
1977-1982  Václav Hollar Art School, Promotional design, Prague
1987-1989  Václav Hollar Art School Design, Prague
1992-1993  Homeopathy - Boiron, Prague
1994-1997  Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy - Fytotherapy, Hradec Králové

Crafted frames
Painting Way to Ford by Jan Rericha Cardamine


1989  Lednice Chateau in Moravia, Castle Gallery - Graphics
1996  Prague, Michael Gallery - Green butt (pictures in the first sculptural frames)
1997, 2000, 2007, 2009 Dolní Skrýchov, Špejchar Gallery - Time for the Madonna (paintings, drawings, statues)
1999  Prague, Gallery Inspirace - Common moments I (pictures in relief frames)
2002  Mladá Boleslav, City Theatre - Touch of tenderness (drawings, painting)
2002  Turnov, Granát Gallery - from the artworks of Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová (paintings in relief frames)
2003  Irding, Austria, Villa Frossin - from the artworks of Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová (flowers, landscape, portrait)
2004  Pilsen, U Andělíčka Gallery - Common moments II (pictures in relief frames)
2005  Vienna, Austria, Medical Centre - Well Come (drawings, paintings in relief frames)
2006  Poděbrady, Ludwig Kuba’s art gallery - Common moments III (pictures in relief frames)
2008  Mladá Boleslav, Mladoboleslavska Museum - Profile exhibition (pictures in relief frames)
2014  Humpolec, Museum of Dr. Aleš Hrdlička (pictures in relief frames)
2014  Pacov, Antonín Sova Museum, St. Wenceslas Chapel - Session - Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová, Grand retrospective 1980 - 2014
2017  Hradec Kralové, Barbora Gallery (AD), Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová
2018  Prague, OOA-S, Jan Řeřicha and Věra Řeřichová – Forty


1992  Osaka, Japan, Gallery Osaka - Sculpture triennial
1997  Prague, MIRO - Auction exhibition of contemporary Czech artists
2000  Savona, Italy, International Art Show of paintings and sculptures by UNESCO - In camino per la pace
2000  Prague, Trade Fair Palace - Salon 2000
2000  Litoměřice, Garden of Bohemia - Salon of Czech, Moravian and Silesian painters and sculptors
2013  Prague, Czech centrum - Messengers of Peace - Selection from Dr. Eli Fischer‘s collection, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2016  Pacov, St. Wenceslas Chapel, Exhibition of artists from the region


1999  Jindřichův Hradec - International Sculpture Symposium


1998  Sculptural frames for paintings of Prague for the White House in Washington
2002  Costumes for the Manon Lescaut theatre play for the City Theatre in Mladá Boleslav
2002  Sculptural Frame (“Bird Frame”) for the paintings “Find My Wings“ for MB-Leasing in Mladá Boleslav

MUSEUMS: (representation in collections)

2001  Náchod Regional Museum - sculptural frames for a set of paintings of key historic personalities (V. R. Havlovický, B. Němcová, A. Jirásek, Čapek brothers)
2002  Mladá Boleslav, Mladoboleslavska Museum - sculptural frames for a set of paintings of key historic personalities (F. X. Brixi, Father Vinařický, F. Šmilovský, triptych B. Smetana)
2004  Prague, National Museum - sculptural frames for a set of paintings of key historic personalities (T. Štítný from Štítný, Viktorin Cornel from Všehrd, F. Palacký)
2017  Pacov, Antonín Sova Museum - design frames for a set of landscapes


From 2017  Frankfurt am Main - private collection

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