What speaks to you is not the painting itself but your perception of what you might be seeing

Painting in the Pink Frame by Jan Rericha Cardamine

Meeting with your painting

Would you like to be surrounded in your office and home by paintings that resonate with you?

The light as well as your mood will make the colours of Cardamine paintings change during the day. The paintings listen to you and talk.


Painting Portrait of Daddy by Jan Rericha Cardamine

Born for you

Would you like to preserve on canvas something or someone that is special to you? 

Cardamine can capture the moment, emotions and resemblance on canvas forever.

Painting Painting Seven Horses by Jan Rericha Cardamine
Seven Horses

Overcoming the distance

How can you obtain a painting from us?

Please share your wish with us, click the contact button below. We will send you photos and details of our work that will touch your heart

We will also offer the details on contract and the handover of the final finish artwork.

At any case, please feel free to to come and see us at our homely studio in Slavetin or in Prague where you will always receive a warm welcome.

You are welcome to contact us at anytime for further details on our work or any other questions.

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